Monday, 4 August 2008

Boscombe here we come!

This time next week we'll be on the beach AND getting paid for it. Ok - so it probably won't be the breeze it sounds but it definitely makes a change from the studio. We've got the big red bus and we'll be heading down early doors to lay out our towels. Am attempting to get the whole team into wetsuits for a surf session.

So far they all seem remarkably keen. That may change as we get closer to the day but I'll definitely be going in for a go come rain or shine.

Good news - the little orange light has gone off on the Blue Peril. Am working on the theory that if it's gone out it couldn't have been that serious. Either that or it's so serious the warning bulb has burned itself out attempting to alert me. Mind you I would expect that any decent car would have a warning light to warn you that the original warning light has gone out. No more lights have come on so I'm assuming I'm fine. And that's what I'll repeat to myself when I'm stuck on the hard shoulder of the M27 with my bonnet up and 4 litres of Castrol on the floor.

Have been negating my blogging duties - not because I've been up to mischief but I seem to be short on time all of a sudden. I mean it's not like I've begun living a jet set life of constant holidays and parties - I seriously think either someone is sat on the fast forward button or, more likely, am slowing up and have started thinking snoozing on the sofa is a good idea.

Unfortunately once you have a couple you can't stop yourself. Am worried next time I wake up it'll be 2009.

The year as opposed to 10 past eight ish.

So here's the joke ... (best one from last week)

A remote monastery was home to an order of monks who communicated with each other only by chanting. Every morning they would assemble in the chapel and the abbot would chant.

"Good morning assembled brethren."

And the monks would dutifully reply, "Good morning Father Abbot."

But one morning a maverick monk instead chanted "Good evening, father abbot."

The abbot glared at the monks and proclaimed, "Someone chanted evening!"

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