Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Surf's up

Monday was hilarious. Cold, wet, long but hilarious.

Have just got my head around putting the photos up on the blog. Everyone was so lovely down at Boscombe and a few even braved the August weather to come and say hello to us on our tour bus. A big thanks to the surf team for letting us loose and ensuring we didn't end up at the Needles.

Anyway enjoy the pics.

Write soon.

So here's the joke ...

A young couple buy a new car and take it for a spin in the countryside. Feeling romantic and one thing leads to another - and then another and then another. Anyway - they soon work out that the car is too small. Instead they squeeze underneath the car to express their passion for one another.

Well after a few minutes a policeman walks by and tells the couple he's going to have to arrest them for indecent exposure.

"But I'm not doing anything illegal under here," complains the man. "I'm a mechanic."

"No you're not - you're making love. And I can tell that for three reasons. Firstly you have no tools out. Secondly I can see a second pair of legs and thirdly ....

... someone's stolen your car."

Here's the answer to today's Mental Maths. Check it out on the show weekdays at 11.15am. Pretty straight forward this one. Here's the solution.


plus 12
double it
add 17
divided by 5
plus 29
times 4
divided by 16
take off 20 percent ....


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