Wednesday, 16 July 2008

I can't breathe ....

... from laughing.

Have just watched the film footage of the roller coaster ice cream incident of Wednesday 16th July 2008. Possibly the funniest thing I've seen this year and if you watch very closely there was definitely some skulduggery going on in a couple of the turns.

For some really boring reason I can't go into I can't stick the film up on the blog but keep an eye out for it on the web or Facebook group as it may well turn up.

Anyway I hope it hasn't been too long since you had one of those moments when your capacity to draw breath is severely compromised by laughing too hard.

Medically risky but man it feels so good.

So to the joke ...

A ghost loses the tail of his sheet in a revolving door and goes to an off-licence to get a new one.

'Sorry', says the man behind the counter. 'We don't sell tails and we don't serve ghosts.'

The ghost replies.

'That's not true. The sign in the window says you retail spirits.'

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