Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Eat all you can't

We just all had lunch out.

It was a sort of working lunch affair but it made a change from the BBC canteen/restaurant downstairs. Rich (aka Latto the Statto) is in the chair for my holiday next week and so the team decided it would be good to go over the show with him and think of a few new features to spice things up whilst I'm lounging around at home/on holiday.

The chosen venue was an eat all you can lunchtime buffet. The trick is exactly knowing when you have eaten all you can.

I blame my genes.

I suspect that when ancient Cuthills lived in caves and a woolly mammoth presented itself the eat-all-you-can gene kicked into overdrive. Eat now or starve later. Thousands of years and a lunchtime later I can assure you my gene is working effectively. So effectively that I have just consumed the equivalent of three and a half woolly mammoths.

And if I'm really honest I don't think I actually enjoyed it.

It turned into a "I'd better eat a bit more to get my money's worth" instead of an enjoyable lunch. Eating because you can and not because you need to. It's a bit like a free bar and ending up getting hammered half way through the evening for no other reason than the simple fact the drinks are free.

A lack of self control or the excess of the times we live in?

And it does make me feel that there is something everso slightly wrong in the world that I'm complaining I have too much to eat when someone somewhere doesn't have enough.

At the end of the day it's a pizza and it's not going to make a huge difference whether I eat 4 or 5 slices. But today was more food for thought than food for lunch.

So here's the joke ...

An old man and an old woman are talking in an old folks home.

The man says "I'm so old I forgot how old I am".

"I'll tell you how old you are" says the old woman. "Take off your clothes and bend over".

The man does so and the woman says. "You're eighty-four".

The man is astonished.

"How can you tell?" he asks.

The woman replies .... "You told me yesterday."
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