Monday, 4 February 2008

First half heroes

Clearly England have been watching Havant and Waterlooville.

Following on from possibly the most exciting 45 minutes of football in my life when the Hawks gave Liverpool the run around - the England Rugby team clearly have been swapping team tactics.

For 40 minutes my dad, my brother and me - together with 81,997 other rugby fans were thinking the Twickenham home record would stand for a few more years. For 40 minutes England seemed to be playing rugby whilst the Welsh seemed to be running in circles. For 40 minutes England seemed to be beating Wales at Twickenham with me there.

Sadly there was a second half.

Fair play to Wales though - we looked as if they'd forgotten how to play and Wales suddenly looked like they remembered.

Legs ache today. Mind once again tricked body into believing it's a professional mountain biker forcing it to go on a 20 mile round trip of the New Forest. Sadly for body - mind, possibly due to lack of oxygen and a protest by the lungs, lost the ability to read a map. Mind thereby forcing body to traverse two ice cold streams/rivers/raging torents to get back on track.

Body was not best pleased.

Mind was too tired to care.

Neither are talking to each other today.

Planning to take both downstairs for a chocolate biscuit and a cup of tea in a bid to make the peace.

Will be taking the lift, obviously.
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