Tuesday, 12 February 2008

MOT blues

The garage just phoned.

I kind of knew what was coming due to the time of the call. It's failed.

It's that tricky MOT time of the year and like any expectant father I've done my fair share of pacing for the past few days. It's all small stuff but that kind of makes it even more annoying. Last year it failed on a slightly torn windscreen wiper - this year it's a couple of bulbs and a sticky handbrake. Are the indicators working? Yes, no, yes, no, yes, no ....

Anyway I would have thought having a sticky handbrake would, if anything, have made the car safer due to reduced overall speed - but no - it's a definite fail.

Am slowly realising during my carless week that despite the cost modern life is pretty tricky without one. Trains never seem to go exactly where you want, buses only hang out in 3's and the personal helicopter is still a tad on the pricey side. How on earth did we all live before Mr Mercedes bumped into Mr Benz and Aston met Martin?

I think I'll just stump up for the bulbs.

So here's the joke ....

A chicken is playing in a football match and scores two early goals.

'You're very good,' says the ref. 'Do you train hard?'

'Yes,' replies the chicken. 'but it's not easy, I'm a lawyer so I don't get much free time.'

Hearing this, the ref pulls the red card from his pocket and orders the chicken off the pitch.

'What's the matter?' says the chicken.

'Professional fowl." says the ref.
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