Thursday, 8 May 2008

The irony's not missed

It's official - I have entered into the realms of Myface or Spacebebo or Facespace or whatever it's called.

Well to be fair I actually haven't done a thing but apparently my moles tell me I'm on there. The Jon Cuthill Appreciation Page has been stuck up with a grand total of, as of first thing this morning, 6 glorious members.

How cool is that?!!? Almost enough for a game of footy and definately enough for a netball team (I see myself as Goal Attack).

The whole problem with the Facebook thing is the fact you can't help but count. That's why I've never subscribed. I mean a glorious 6 members does me fine but already my supportive producers have pointed out that other presenters have a lot more members on their pages.

Thousands in fact.

And do you know what? I don't really care. I feel it gives me a much more exclusive look - more of a cult than a club. Some of the nicest things in the world are small, hidden and hard to find - like that beach that only you and your friends know about or the tiny pub you'd discovered in the middle of nowhere but can't find again.

Or, as it turns out, my little page of FaceSpace.

So here's the joke ...

Two men were talking in a bar. One asked: "What are you going to get your wife for your twentieth wedding anniversary?"

"I was thinking about a trip to Australia," said the other "She'd love that."

"A trip to Australia?! That's mighty impressive. But how will you be able to top that for yor twenty-fifth anniversary?"

"I'm not sure - maybe I'll pay for her fare back.
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