Thursday, 22 May 2008

Tea for two

How could I be so stupid?!

I've just fallen for it again. I can't believe how dumb I am sometimes. And after all my good work yesterday.

I'd better explain.

Everyone knows that an office thrives on it's coffee and teas. And everyone knows that making the tea can be a bit of a pain unless you're having a really bad day and you need a screen break. Anyway to liven things up we play a game between everyone on the show which basically boils down to making someway say either tea or coffee by mistake at which point everyone shouts yes please and hands them their cup or mug.

Yesterday I got Lewis a corker. As veterans of the game we're usually all on full alert for cheap shots such as "What's the name of that peg you put your golf balls on?" or "How do you spell transmitter?". Obviously you need to do a bit of acting - with the spelling ones you have tobe typing whilst looking at your PC screen with an inline of "Is it double m?"

All of us are supercompetitive and so when someone throws out a question we all yell out the answer which opens us all up to the next round of teas or coffees.

Yesterday I began with a serious sounding question about whether it would make an interesting piece on the radio about the various cuts of meat. Both Al and Lewis piped up with various responses clearly having taken the bait. With guards down my next question was whether people in the street could name the different cuts - I threw in a lamb shank as an example.

More talk, and no suspiscious looks.

With them both oblivious to the trap I asked the master question - "How many steaks are there."

Step forward Lewis "Competitive" Coombes who piles in with T-bone and the cry goes up and the mugs are raised.

Anyway - that was then - this is now and Newman has just got me a beauty with a hoax about a supermarket bringing out an item of clothing for 6p. Could we guess it? What could it be - Scarf? Gloves? Hanky? Hat?

As the words left my mouth I knew it was too late ....

"T- shirt?"

"Yes please!!!!!"

So here's the joke ...

Through the pitch black night, a navy captain sees a light dead ahead on a collision course with his ship. He sends a signal: "Change your course 10 degrees east."

The light signals back: "Change yours, 10 degrees west."

Angry, the captain sends: "I'm a navy captain! Change your course, sir!"

"I'm a seaman, second class," comes the reply. "Change your course, sir."

Now the captain is furious. "I'm a battleship! I'm not changing course!"

The reply came back:

"And I'm a lighthouse, it's your call"
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