Friday, 9 May 2008

It's the little things ....

Despite previous promises I wouldn't constantly refer to my age for today's purposes I need to.

I'm 37.

And yet last night there I was in the park next to my house lobbing things at a tree inbetween crying with laughter.

It all began with an innocent game of frisbee or in this case aerobie (the frisbee equivalent to the polo mint ie nothing in the middle). A small quantity of red wine had been consumed, purely for aiming purposes, and great fun was being had by myself and my fellow chucker.

Final throw of the night (why does it always happen on the final throw of the night) and despite claims that her throw was caught by the wind (am fairly sure she's just cock-eyed) my beloved aerobie sails into aforementioned tree (not sure of species).

Now all boys know the immediate remedy is to find stuff to chuck at it in a bid to dislodge stuck item from tree. So first off up went the reasonably sized stick. And there it stayed. Next - after a trot back over the road to my house - came the ball (too small to prove effective) and the sponge cricket bat. Sponge bat launched skywards to frisbee - and that's where is stayed.

Back to the house this time returning with larger stick. Clearly the stick was not large enough as the first lob proved.

So - in the tree one frisbee, one reasonably sized stick, one sponge cricket bat and one larger stick.

Darkness was descending on St James' Park.

Back home I go - this time for the heavy artillery - a plank of 6 x 2 wood - the stuck frisbee equivalent of a Cruise Missile. Unfortunately it would appear a Cruise Missile generally speaking is easier to aim than a large plank. This may explain any passersby seeing a grown man diving out of the way of a floorboard falling at speed from a tree and lying on the floor looking skywards laughing so hard it hurt .... happy days.

Anyway to cut an already long story short I now once again am the owner of a frisbee, a sponge bat, a reasonably sized stick, a slightly larger one and a plank of wood.

Football anyone?

So here's the joke ...

A young woman had a terrible toothache but was reluctant to go to the dentist because she was so frightened of his drill. Eventually, however, she was in such discomfort that she decided to pluck up the courage.

"I'm really scared," she told the dentist as she entered the surgery. " I don't know which is worse - having a tooth filled or having a baby?"

"Well," said the dentist, "make your mind up before I adjust the chair .....
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