Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Spot the difference

Seem to remember I promised many blogs ago I'd stick up some pictures of my holiday in Rome.
Anyway was flicking through them trying to weed out the more embarrassing/compromising ones when all of a sudden I noticed this.

Now it may be purely down to watching too many episodes of the Bourne Identity and Mission Impossible but look carefully. There I am in Rome attempting to blend in. Everything seems to going well and then this picture is taken at the Spanish Steps.

Check out the man just over my left shoulder ...

Ever so slightly freaky, isn't it?

Next photo - he has completely vanished (this is the part where you do the high pitched do-do-do-do do-do-do-dooo tune).

Trained assassin or someone who wants to form a boy band?
You decide.
So here's the joke ...

A man was sitting alone in a restaurant, finishing his coffee and free after-dinner mints when he suddenly heard a voice say: "Wow! You look great tonight. I love that shirt."

The man looked round to see where the voice was coming from but the only other person in the room was a waiter, so he called him over.

"Excuse me," said the man. "Did you say something?"

"Not me, sir," replied the waiter.

A few minutes later the same thing happened again. This time the voice said "And your hair really suits you in that style. It makes you look years younger"

Once more, the man summoned the waiter. "Did you say something just then?" he inquired.

"No sir" replied the waiter. "Not a word."

"Well, that's twice I've heard a voice and you're the only other person in the room."
The waiter thought for a moment. "This voice, did it say nice things or rude things?"

"Nice things," said the man ......

'Well, that's it then,' said the waiter. "It's the mints - they're complimentary."
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Dave O'Neill said...

It'll be the Mafia, Like that scene from the Italian job!