Friday, 2 May 2008

My biggest regret

Well alright not quite my biggest regret but it's pretty high up there.

I used to be the proud owner of a 1965 splitscreen VW camper - my pride and joy. She was truly beautiful. Cream and navy blue, the original cooker and sink, barn doors and a wobbly old speedo that rarely saw 60mph.

I had to sell her after moving to a house without a garage. Couldn't bear to see her rust away so bit the bullet and let her go. I've been regretting it eversince.

So much so that I've just started looking for another. From a practical point of view I think I'll go for a type 2. Mind you from a practical point of view I still haven't actually got a garage and parking is pretty tight where I live.

Have already been sounded out the parents to see if any garage space is available down at Cuthill towers in Dorchester. Mum did sound vaguely keen however Dad will be less than keen if his pride and joy Morris Traveller gets slung out due to campervan arriving. Friends are also being pestered on the basis of they can borrow it for weekends out too.

Anyway if I find one (garage and van) then it'll be surf board on the top and mountain bike on the back and a summer of fun.

The search begins - will keep you posted.

Have great weekend

So here's the joke ...

A guy went to a psychiatrist.

"Doc," he said, "I keep having these alternating recurring dreams. First I'm a teepee, then I'm a wigwam, then I'm a teepee, and then I'm a wigwam. It's driving me crazy. What's wrong with me?"

The doctor replied, "It's very simple. You're two tents."
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