Friday, 23 May 2008

That Fresh Friday Feeling

Can't believe it's nearly June.

How did that happen? And another Bank Holiday weekend!

Have somehow managed to wangle a couple of days off next week so I've got a 4 day break from today. However due to lack of planning and/or understanding the female mind I appear to be in more hot water.

Had already said yes to playing cricket and turning out for Matt's race on Sunday without checking with the walking, talking personal organisor. Apparently 4 years ago or thereabouts discussions had taken place, on a Tuesday, about going away this weekend.

Being a man I made a mental note, grunted and nodded.

And then promptly forgot.

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on which side of the fence you're sitting, I think rain may stop play cricketwise on Sunday afternoon at Brown Candover. Am confident Matt will whizz round the 10k course so it'll be an early bath and I'll be off the hook. No idea what I'll end up doing - camping was mentioned. Surfing too. Mildly concerned as I haven't looked at the tent since the Brownsea Island escapades of last year.

Probably got a squirrel in it.

Have a great Bank Holiday - back on air on Wednesday. Go Matt, go!!!

So here's the joke ...

Phil and Dave went for a game of golf one Saturday afternoon, but Phil was under strict instructions from his wife to be back by four o'clock because she wanted him to take her shopping.

Four passed, then five, and six. Eventually, Phil arrived home around seven. "WHERE ON EARTH HAVE YOU BEEN?" she screamed.

"Honey, a terrible thing happened. We made it to the first green when Dave dropped dead."
Feeling guilty, the wife said, "that's awful."

"You're telling me," Phil says.

"The rest of the round it was hit the ball, drag Dave, hit the ball, drag dave..."
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