Friday, 11 January 2008

Barking up the wrong tree

"There is a dog up the tree."

Not something you hear every day but those were the words I heard last weekend. Completely forgot about it until today. It's probably because my brain is attempting to cancel out any memory of such a ridiculous event because as we all know dogs can't climb trees. Squirrels, bears, monkeys, 10 year old kids but never dogs. So there I was - with Jemma (used to work on the show but now is high powered personal executive assistant) when I heard the immortal words.

Initially I feared it may have been the bottle talking - it's a high pressured role - but sure enough 5 minutes later a border collie runs past and then straight up a tree. And I mean straight up a tree. Owner of said dog then saunters by, not batting an eyelid, calmly says to the dog "that's high enough" whereby dog scuttles down the trunk and shoots off up a neighbouring oak.

Fearing for my sanity I mentioned tree dog to producer Al and to my great relief discover he too has seen the K9 marvel at Southampton Common. Where's That's Life when you need it? Alsatians and a pub soda bottle are one thing but a tree climbing dog?!

Skate boarding duck your time may be up.

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