Thursday, 24 January 2008

Mr Blue Sky

It's post lunch back in the office writing blog early due to tonight's planned events. Will update on quiz possibly tomorrow unless it proves a complete failure. If that's the case will never speak of it again.

Anyway just looked out the window and noticed it's a beautiful blue sky, hardly any clouds and sunshine that could be mistaken for Spring. And it's January!?? Places I would rather be than in the office - Mudeford Quay? Corfe? It's that kind of day.

Book. Beer. Perhaps a wander to stretch the legs. Bliss.

Currently getting lots of emails from PR agencies and media peeps on the subject of Valentine's Day. Do I want to do interviews on what to buy? How to find love? What to cook? Weekend getaways? What red roses say about you? 1 rose or a dozen? Valentine's Day for pets?!?! "Help your dog find true love this Valentine's." Is your goldfish happy in love?

Beach, anyone?

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