Thursday, 10 January 2008

Hell's Kitchen

It's the moment of truth next week.

After all the hassle, the no hot water, the no floor, no walls, no fridge it's time to see if the new kitchen was worth all the pain. Granted most of that pain does appear to be self inflicted and in the world of DIY I must rate fairly low down the scale of efficiency and know how but save for a few finishing touches the project is complete (ish).

Have promised The Crocker she can come round for dinner next week and am planning on doing the cooking. Over the past year i've eaten more than enough takeouts and ready meals and seeing as I now have a fully functioning kitchen - all be it with slightly out of control dancing washing machine - I might as well put it to good use. And on the basis I now have 8 gas burners and have only ever used 2 am hoping to come up with some multi panned marvel. Blow the washing up and/or the fossil fuels it's time to burn some serious gas. Just the one problem - she's a vegetarian.

Now my cooking skills are fairly limited so I need something which will guarantee edible and possibly a round of applause. Bored of pasta, can't do fish - nothing dead allowed - just need something simple which oozes (perhaps not the best choice of word) sophistication and proves once and for all men are vaguely capable at more that grunting and drinking beer. Beans on toast is apparently not allowed. Anyway am scouring cook books at the moment trying to find something tasty and feasible. Any suggestions/ideas gratefully received.

Really tired at the moment - have caught myself slowly but surely turning into my dad. Remember always teasing him when I lived at home as he slipped into his regular post dinner coma in front of the tv.

What did I do last night? Sound asleep before Eastenders.

Shoot me if I start wearing corduroy.
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