Monday, 28 January 2008

Night on the (Scrabble) tiles

Cheers Matt for looking after the blog. Poor guy looked absolutely shattered and has gone home for a well deserved kip. Above and beyond the call of duty on every level but really interesting to see how it affected mind and body - I possibly would have ceased to function a long time ago but these reporters are made of tougher stuff.

Back from a great weekend. Had a shred-a-thon on Saturday sorting out a box of paperwork. A truly tedious exercise but boy do I feel smug now. Poor old shredder didn't know what hit it and began belching out smoke at one point. Still - all sorted - and am determined to keep on top of the countless bank statements, gas bills, pizza flyers from now on (well at least until the end of the week.)

Possibly one of the most exciting football related 45 minutes in my life (after all I am a Cherries fan) listening to the Hawks give Liverpool a scare. Truly brilliant - you kind of knew their legs would give out eventually - but they did themselves proud and hopefully they might get a bit more home support. Am going to try and get down there to watch a home match before the end of the season. Looking forward to it.

Yesterday was meant to give arch Scrabble rival Jemma a game over a bottle of wine. Apparently it's the in-thing to do. Was all ready for another stunning victory but realised had negated to buy necessary alcoholic beverage so had to scoot down to local convenience store. On way back we bumped into work buddy and evening quickly deteriorated/improved at a local drinking establishment.

Still haven't painted kitchen ceiling.

Or played Scrabble.
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