Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Not another sports round

It's all getting rather serious. If you had any doubts a life in media was competitive you need look no further than a BBC South quiz night. They don't happen often - but like Halley's Comet - when they do it's truly spectacular.

It's game on tomorrow night downstairs in the bar. Walk around the corriders at the momet and you'll come across hushed conversations around coffee machines of who's in who's team and who's in everyone elses. The sports department is in complete chaos due to other teams poaching key members because of their specialist knowledge and drinking ability. BBC1's Inside Out team have come out of their undercover investigations to take part and even a visiting team of digital trainers have formed a 5 (rumour is it they'll be in matching shirts).

Sally Taylor has so far resisted but it's only a matter of time.

And there's something hugely satisfying about knowing something no one else on your team knows. Convincing the other 4 members is another thing all together but it's the sheer joy that a piece of rubbish your brain filed under "keep that for later it might come in handy" has actually found a use.

How many noses does an ant have? 5
World's fastest bird? Swift
Film budget of Star Wars? 11 million dollars

On which level of the multi storey I parked my car? No idea.
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