Tuesday, 22 January 2008

A leopard never changes

So much for those New Year resolutions.

There were the old chestnuts of course - I should drink less, exercise more, be happier with my lot in life and generally be a better sort of chap. But whilst the majority of those are still just about standing one has fallen by the wayside - deadlines.

Now I've never been a deadline sort of chap. I know when things have to be done, I'm constantly told when things should be done and I always tell myself when I should do things by. But unfortunately it just never seems to sink in. There's always something else slightly more interesting to do, there's always someone slightly more interesting to talk to and there's always another day to put things off to. But then with an almost boring inevitability the deadline is tomorrow, I'm stressed out to the max and I'm furious again that I didn't start it earlier.

I suppose all of us have at least one ultimate deadline. As I get older I'm beginning to realise you're better off doing things today and not waiting until tomorrow.

Otherwise it's going to be one hell of a crazy last day.
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