Friday, 25 January 2008

Lend us a squid

Right! That does it! I'm cooking tonight.

Just had a taste of today's Faster Chef recipe and it is fantastic! Need to buy some calamari which will be a new experience. What do you ask for? A leg of octopus? Not sure - research is needed before I venture to the shops. Trust me though from the forkfull I just had it's a belter. Apologies to any squid reading. Anyway am determined to try more cooking now I've got a kitchen back and I'm even thinking of exploring an evening class. Top tips always welcome.

Don't forget reporter Matt is going without sleep this weekend in a bid to see what happens to the human body. He's a brave old soul for volunteering but it should be really interesting. I can't think of the longest time I've been without sleep for - probably as a reporter on general election duty - although I remember they found me downstairs fast asleep on the mixing desk, snoring and slightly dribbling. Have never lived that one down. There are some that can do without their sleep - there are others which can't. I'm definately a can't.

Matt is going to take over the blog for the weekend so keep logging on to see whether he's still awake. And don't forget we'll find out on Monday morning's show how he got on.

Sleep tight.

Not you, Matt.
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