Saturday, 26 January 2008

Hour 7 - Show done

Wow. What a show.

I've just been coming down from a great Sally on Saturday show - even if I do say so myself. Highlight for me was a tour around Air Traffic's tour bus... plus their live set in the studio. We took some pics and they are available on the BBC Dorset website now.

Anyway - I'm feeling quite tired now. I have spent all morning rushing around keeping the show on the air. Normally I would have a nap-ette on a Saturday afternoon to recover. I'm sure I'll be fine without it.

I told Sally about my plans for the weekend, and I've got a video of her reaction:


p.s. You can play a fun game of 'spot-the-BBC-South-member-of-staff-in-the-background' on that video... answers on a postcard.

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