Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Egg on face

Alright, alright - it didn't work.

Just proves you shouldn't believe everything you read on the internet. Attempted to cook an egg using two mobile phones on the show today. Two hours later and I think the egg was more raw than when it began. However - salmon cooked in dishwasher - amazing! (carbon footprint botherers may want to look the other way.)

It's funny we're into our food at the moment on the show what with strange cooking methods and Faster Chef. It's exactly the same for me at home. I've really got into my cooking (probably due to cost of new kitchen) and am loving every minute of. Have bought a couple of new cook books and I'm away - the things I can do to a hallibut you wouldn't believe. Only problem is it's proving a bit expensive. If you're not a regular chef you find you don't have all the store cupboard ingredients and so for every dish it's a monster shop and a shopping bill to match. But - as a man - surely I'm scoring more points with the ladies learning how to cook?!

Short term pain for long term (weight) gain.

Speak soon
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