Thursday, 17 January 2008

Closed: Gone to Anfield

What an amazing night! Congratulations to Havant and Waterlooville for restoring my faith in the FA Cup. Unbelievable. Almost as good as Bournemouth beating Manchester United in '84. (almost)

But for the mighty Hawks what an amazing achievement! The chance to take on European giants Liverpool - for players and fans a near once in a lifetime moment. Even if you're not into footy it will be one of those occasions when I suspect the whole of Havant and Waterlooville will shut up shop and hold it's breathe .... and could you imagine a draw?!

Anyway whilst all the drama was unfolding at Westleigh Park I was honing by culinary skills back home. I seem to have a knack for double booking myself with great sporting moments. (Maybe I need to find more things to do when the Cherries are playing!?!) So there I was cooking and chatting with the Crocker (note the multi-tasking) but in the background was the BBC Radio Solent commentary of the big match. Very low volume but just enough to hear the tone of Loz's voice. So first goal goes in, Laurence spontaneously combusts and I attempt to continue conversation with Charlie without breaking eye contact, dancing around the room or throwing both arms in the air and singing "They're on their way to Anfield .... la la la la".

I failed miserably.

But it was worth it.
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Jon Cuthill is a presenter on BBC Radio Solent. You can listen to him every weekday from 9am-12.30pm, or listen again online at his website.

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