Friday, 18 January 2008

Fast forward

Is it just me or is someone sat on the fast forward button?

I can't believe it's nearly January the twenty something-th already? Feels like only yesterday we were seeing in the New Year. It's a weird thing but I've noticed that as I get older time seems to be speeding up.

Remember when you were at school and the six week summer holidays felt like it would go on forever? Each weekend was a lifetime of push bikes, footie and E numbers. Nowadays blink and you miss them. One minute you're shutting down your PC on the Friday. Before you know it it's Songs of Praise on the telly and you're wondering where it went.

Anyway in a bid to get better value out of the ever trickling sands of time I decided action was needed.

I think it's fair to say I'm not the most organised person in the world and this year I bought myself a diary. Apparently at the age of 36 I can no longer forget where I am meant to me, not remember who I'm meant to be seeing and rely on only vague recollections of what I'm meant to be doing. So in an effort to achieve the new me I invested in a slim leather number. I even purchased a special diary sized pen for writing in all those appointments.

This was the moment I became efficient.

This was the moment I became dynamic.

This was the moment I became organised.

This was the moment I became forgetful.

And left it in the shop.

I'm got a nasty feeling I'm meant to be doing something this weekend ....

See you Monday.
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