Monday, 21 January 2008

Calling all grown ups

Well you would, wouldn't you? Provided no one was looking.

There I was, with female who should know better, in a pub in the New Forest enjoying a spot of Sunday lunch. We'd both earned it having arrived caked in mud on mountain bikes with the prospect of a long cycle home.

Anyway lunch eaten, just about to leave and we remember the aforementioned pub has a children's obstacle course. It's mid winter. It's vaguely hidden. It was completely empty. We're both adults.

In a split moment the decision was made - no words needed to be spoken.

Thirty seconds later it was all wobbly planks, chain linked bridges, monkey bars and cargo nets. For three glorious minutes I was six again unable to stand up straight through laughter as she bounced clean off the wobbly plank. Next thing I knew I was back to being 36.

I hope I'm still the same at ninety.
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