Monday, 28 January 2008

Hour 53 - The End

Yeahy - it's all done. I'm about to trot off home and get my head down for an extended bout of snoozetime. But, before I go, I thought I'd share some of the tips bits of info I learnt this weekend:
  • Sunday night is statisically the worst night of sleep in the week. Friday is the best.
  • 20% of all serious accidents on motorways are caused by tiredness, meaning that more people are killed on our roads due to sleepiness than through drinking and driving.
  • One in five workers in urban societies is now working outside of normal office hours and paying the price in terms of an increased risk of accidents and of heart disease.
  • An afternoon nap can cut the risk of death from heart disease among men and women by a third.
  • I get really quite grumpy when I'm tired.

Thanks to Elaine and Dave at the bakery I visited this morning (the Shoebox Bakehouse in Southampton) and Dr Lindsay Browning (you can find out more about her work here). The BBC has an excellent site about everything sleep releated which you can find here.

I'm off to bed. Jon, here's your blog back.


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