Wednesday, 16 January 2008

The rain in Spain is falling mainly over here

If it rains any more I will grow webbed feet. It's official. I am now bored of rain.

Granted, as one wise listener pointed out to me, there's no such thing as the wrong type of weather only the wrong choice of clothing. But enough is enough when you have to swim out to your car, sail it to work and then moor it up in the car park. Am considering shipping some of the wet stuff to Kent where, as I found out yesterday, we actually have a spot of land which can be classified as desert. I'm hoping for a bit of sand and a spot of sun in return.

Here's a question for you which I can't answer. Is there always the same amout of rain falling at any given moment on earth? On the basis that it can't leave this glorious planet and that it must keep falling for the whole 'O' level geography cycle to work - does that mean if we get lots some poor souls don't get any? Answers on an email please.

The whole life coach thing was interesting last night. Some truly painful moments of silence when said life coach took the whole "I'm not going to talk so that means you have to" approach. Luckily it would appear I have an uncanny knack of talking complete and utter rubbish in any conversational lull. Judging by the look on the poor woman's face she may take a different approach next time. Although it made me realise what it's like when the boot's on the other foot. Asking questions ain't a problem - it's answering them that's the hard bit.

Aiming to get out on the mountain bike at the weekend although if the weather stays like this it's going to be a bit on the sticky side. Bought myself a new gadget which I want to try out. It's a GPS thingy (technical term) which tracks where you've been. You get home, plug it into the laptop and it plots your route on a whizzy map. I was very excited about it until a female colleague correctly pointed out that as I had just riden the bike I would already know exactly where I'd been and what was the point of the map.

It's a fair point.

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