Friday, 20 June 2008

Back to school ....

I'm going through a bit of a retro period with my food at the moment.

I've had fish fingers for tea two nights running now. I actually caught myself craving a fish finger and salad cream sandwich during the show today. And this morning, out of nowhere, I got the unstoppable urge for dippy egg and soldiers. An urge so strong I ended up being half an hour late for work.

Last night down the pub conversation turned to Findus Crispy Pancakes. Remember them? No idea whether they are still available but I always remember having those in the 80's. They were bright orange breadcrumbed half moons which became nuclear hot on the inside - kind of the savoury equivalent to the pop tart.

The orange outside invariably got burnt a bit under the grill due to lack of concentration on the chef's part. And then between the crispy outside and the molten hot beef and onion filling was this kind of pale cream inside - which presumably was the pancake part.

Oh happy days - just thinking about them has made me want to go down the frozen aisle next time I go to the supermarket to see if they still exist.

I fear they may have gone the same way as Spangles ....

Have a great weekend

So here's the joke ...

Swedish explorer Leif Erikkson returned from his voyage to the New World only to discover that his name had been removed from his home town register.

He was appalled and complained bitterly to the leader of the town council.

After investigating the oversight, the council leader apologized saying .....

"Sorry but he must have taken Leif off his Census."

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