Thursday, 19 June 2008

Surf's up ... and down .. and then up again

Oh my goodness I can't tell you how much I am aching today.

I'm walking like John Wayne. Well - John Wayne with a swollen ankle and a stiff neck. I got absolutely beasted by Boscombe surf yesterday. Great fun.

Now I know all you surf dudes will be thinking there was nothing to it yesterday - not much bigger than a couple of feet - but it was a pretty hectic couple of feet in a howling gale and I found myself well and truly in the proverbial washing machine.

Surf instructor Jonty was trying to get me to paddle out back - believe you me I would have done if it wasn't for the fact that wherever I was that was the exact spot the next big wave would break and send me 2 metres back with a mouthful of the finest South Coast seawater.

Used my head a couple of times to check how solid the my board was. I can happily report it passed the test.

Am even more determined than ever to get better and so will be launching myself back in off the beach as soon as I can get back down. Hope to do the show from down there later in the year and so need to be able to Hang 10 by August.

If my old bones last that long.

So here's the joke ...

A man who specialized in puns thought he had an outstanding chance of winning a pun contest run by his local newspaper. He sent the paper no fewer than ten different entries in the hope that one of them might win.

Unfortunately no pun in ten did.

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