Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Could have been worse ....

Not much worse ... but it could have been worse.

I was rubbish. Absolutely hopeless. My cricketing/baseball skills let me down and I was bowled out for just a single run.

I'm blaming a variety of factors of course.

Firstly, my general lack of any ability and/or skill. Secondly, the opposition at the beautiful village of Woodgreen played very dirty and provided the most delicious cricket tea thus rendering me useless as I waddled around four strawberry and cream scones, numerous rounds of egg and cress sandwiches and a variety of spectacular cakes the heavier. And thirdly, and possibly the main reason for my poor performance, they have just about the most idyllic setting for their ground you can imagine and there is just far too much to gaze at.

It helps, apparently, if you always watch the ball.

So yesterday to try to salvage some sort of credibility on the sporting front myself and Producer Lewis tried a quick 9 hole in the afternoon. All I can say about that - indeed all I want to say about that - was that it was an incredibly good value for money round of golf. Pound per shot an absolute bargain.

No football last night - due to swollen ankle - but very excited about the prospect of mid week surf down in Boscombe either tomorrow or Thursday. Have spent the last week watching the charts and finally, finally it looks like there's half a decent chance of something rideable appearing.

So am working a monster long day today so I can play hookey tomorrow after the show and get on down to Bournemouth. Mind you - as a 37 year old - playing hookey invariably means doing more work the day before and after as a guilty conscience is a terrible thing.

Anyway - must work, surf's up ...

So here's the joke ...

Three animals - a bird of prey, a lion and a skunk are arguing about which is the most fearsome.

The bird of prey says it's the most fearsome as it's the fastest.

The lion says it's the most fearsome because it's the strongest.

The skunk says it's the most fearsome as it's the worst smelling.

Just then a bear came along and swallowed them all .... hawk, lion and stinker.

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