Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Sorry sorry sorry

I'm so rubbish.

There I am wittering on about how I miss it when I don't do my blog and I go and completely miss yesterday's ISA (Internet Scrawling Appointment).


I spent most of yesterday afternoon in a meeting. Nothing spectacular - all the normal stuff. Here at the Beeb they call it a Team Brief. However, I'm thinking of alerting Trading Standards on the grounds of a false and misleading description. If we're going to be completely correct, as we do have to be nowadays since Cookiegate, it needs to be renamed.

Team Anything But Brief?
Team I'm sorry I can't keep it Brief?
Team Bet You Wish It Was Brief?

Anyway - all good stuff but it did slightly throw my routine. (At my age any unscheduled changes can be quite unnerving). I ended up with a long list of things I should have done with no time to do them and rather than just start at the top and get on with it I spent the remainder of the day wandering around looking slightly lost mumbling about the fact I've got a long list of things to do and no time to do them.

That may be a unique quality of mankind - if so I'm a hostage to my genes.

If I was a woman I guess I'd be moaning about the long list of things to do whilst actually doing them.

The benefits of multi-tasking.

So here's the joke ...

A dear old lady's two cats - a ginger tom and a pretty tortoiseshell - passed away within weeks of each other. She couldn't bear the thought of being without them and so she decided to take them to a taxidermist and have them put on a display in her living room.

"These are my two cats," says the old lady. "They used to get on so well together."

"Ah - that's nice," says the taxidermist. "Tell me - do you want them mounted?"

"No, no," says the old lady. "Just holding paws."
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