Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Soft rack a go go!

Crisis solved!

I've been banging on about the fact my new surf board is too big to fit in and/or on my silly little car over the past few months. I'm ashamed to say said new surf board has yet to go anywhere near the sea but all that is about to change.

During a recent surfing expedition to Boscombe I spied an Audi TT soft top with a pair of surfboards strapped on. I never knew this was possible and after a bit of online research I've found the secret world of soft racks. Basically it's a set of pads on straps which can go on any car allowing you to pop the boards up top. Straps go on and under the roof and are locked in place by the door frames/windows. To be fair I'm not entirely sure that they're designed to go on a convertible but it all seems to work perfectly.

Reading reviews there is a risk you may get wet if it rains hard as the straps press against the rubber seals of the doors but that's a whole lot drier than with the roof down and the board poking up.

Anyway the soft rack arrived yesterday and much to my neighbours amusement I gave it a go and it all seems rock solid on top of the ragtop. Hurrah! All I need now is a bit of surf and then Boscombe here I come.

I am quite excited as you may gather.

It's the little things in life ....

So here's the joke ...

A man suffered for months with chronic back pain and was eventually persuaded by his doctor to go and see the chiropractor.

But he didn't have much faith in such people and was convinced they wouldn't be able to help him. Yet after a few minutes treatment his back felt like new.

How do you feel about chiropractors now? Asked the doctor.

The man says ....

"I stand corrected."

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jonathan said...

What kind of soft rack did you get? I have a convertible as well and was wondering how to accomplish lugging my board.