Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Dragon's Den awaits ....

I have a new invention.

The Happy Horn.

To avoid any confusion on the roads I am proposing that all cars are fitted with two horns.

The first would be your bog standard horn to alert motorists and/or pedestrians to your impending arrival. This horn also acts as a stress relief device if held down for more than 2 seconds after some idiot infront of you does something really stupid.

The second device would be the Happy Horn button.

Soundwise more of a honk than a toot.

This would be used when leaving family events whilst relatives are giving you a cheery wave from their front door. Alternatively you can use the Happy Horn when you recognise someone walking down the road and you're driving past.

In most instances you'd need to give the Happy Horn two friendly honks ... ie beep, beep!!!

The other invention I'm currently working on is a button in the car which deploys a Happy Hand to wave at a nice motorist who has just let you out of the junction. And of course if you drive past your friend you can press Happy Horn and then Happy Hand in that order for the full effect.

What do you reckon?

This time next year I'm going to be a millionaire.

So here's the joke ....

A tourist couple are visiting Moscow with their Russian guide, Rudolph. One day the couple decide they want to visit Gorky Park, but Rudolph looks at the sky and tells them they can't as it will rain soon. Sure enough a couple of hours later it starts to rain. Next day the couple want to go to Red Square, but again Rudolph looks at the sky and predicts rain. Sure enough a few hours later it starts to pour down. The next day the couple decide they want to go to the Moscow woods but Rudolph looks at the sky and tells them it will rain.

"It can't rain", complains the husband. "Look at the sky. There's not a cloud to be seen."

His wife pipes up, and says ... "I think Rudolph the Red knows rain, dear."

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