Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Back in the saddle


Finally back after what felt like a lifetime away. It was all a bit weird this morning trying to remember what to press when but really glad to be back after a monster holiday and baby sitting the breakfast show for the Cleggster.

There's so much to catch up with.

Matt is going for it with his 10k run at the end of May. It's a huge deal for him and I think he's realising how much work it's going to be but loads of great texts of support today on the show. We're sticking them up on his blog (10k in 10 weeks). Keep them coming as I suspect there may be a few more ups and downs before the big day. Thanks so much for sending them in. I'm roping in the whole team to come out on one of his training sessions next week to give him a boost so watch this space. We'll take a mic with us so listening out for it on the show.

Producer Al's a bit frazzled at the moment as he's doing in 3 weeks what I took over a year to do. Yup - a new kitchen. Being a producer though he's got it under control (apart from the stepping on the broom incident).

Has been frowning a lot and rubbing his head. Not a good sign.

The lovely Ali Leslie has gone off for a couple of months to swan about with her new showbiz mate Alan Titchmarsh and co for the BBC's coverage of Chelsea and the other RHS shows. She's into all of that sort of stuff and is only working a few desks away so we can all still see her and she can throw things back at us.

Have been sneaking off for the odd half round of golf with Lewis. We're both of a, ahem, similar standard but at least we're getting extra value for money.

Anway I'll stick up some holiday snaps up from Rome for you to have a look at - a truly beautiful city and I'd recommend it to anyone. If you're into your history (and gnocchi) you've simply got to go. Already planning to go back sometime soon.

Oh and thanks for all the calls on the subject of petrol caps. We'll get to the bottom of it tomorrow fingers crossed. And can anyone track down this tunnel beneath the Solent for us?

Anyway here's the joke ....

Two flies are having a game of football in a saucer.

"Our game had better improve soon" says one ....

"We're playing in the cup tomorrow ....."
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