Friday, 25 April 2008

The Great Escape?

Just looked at the clock and caught myself thinking we'll be halfway through the first half this time tomorrow.

For Cherries fans across the South this weekend will either enforce the belief we can still cling on to League One football next season or it will send us tumbling down another division. Not since the Great Escape of '95 have so many fans been forced into so much mental arithmetic with a league table.

It's going to be a day full of if's, but's and maybe's and although the hearts say they can do it even the die hard fans will be hard pressed to ignore the hardened facts. The turnaround has been terrific and noone can ask for more but when we're relying on results out of our hands the only thing that will keep us up is Lady Luck herself.

I buy my lottery ticket knowing full well that the odds are against me.

I pay my pound every week knowing I have only a one in fourteen million chance of winning the jackpot.

But I still buy my ticket.

Someone's got to win the jackpot.

Come on you Cherries!!!

So here's the joke ...

A man is taking part in a pub quiz. As a tie-breaker he has to name three fish that start with the letter 'K'. The man thinks for a moment and says, 'killer shark, kippered haddock and Kilmarnock.'

The question master says, ' What do you mean? Kilmarnock isn't a fish!'

The man replies ..... "Of course it is. It's a place."
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