Wednesday, 16 April 2008


It's time to write a life list.

Recently I've found myself wandering about at home knowing I've got a million and one things that need to be done but end up not doing any of them due to excessive wandering around and thinking about everything that needs to be done.

Case in point the kitchen ceiling.

I never quite got round to finishing painting various parts of the ceiling at the end of the Great Kitchen Refit of 2007. And ever since then whenever I go into the kitchen I can't help but make (another) mental note that I really should get round to finishing it all off.

The problem is whichever room I end up in there is always another mental post-it note being stuck up on my little brain that says I really should get round to finishing it all off.

I now spend more time making mental notes than I do doing anything about the things I am making mental notes about.

The solution - a list.

From now on I will write a big list of everything I need to do or want to achieve and then cross them off, ceiling and all, when they're completed. New jobs will go on the bottom of the list and the brand new, highly organised, high achieving Jon Cuthill will emerge like a moth(?!) from a chrysalis.

However, just like said moth - it may all only last a couple of days.

So here's the joke ...

Two good old boys bought a couple of horses and decided to keep them in the same field for the winter.

"How will we tell which horse belongs to who?" asks the first.

The second has a bright idea. "We'll cut the mane off mine and the tail off yours and that way we'll be able to tell them apart."

But when they came to collect their horses in the spring the mane and tail had grown back to their normal lengths.

"Now what?" asks the first man.

"Well - why don't you have the white one and I'll have the black one."
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