Monday, 7 April 2008

Raw fish and guitars

Ok - so the more observant amongst you will have noticed the much talked about revamp of my blog has failed to materialise. I'm blaming several factors.

Firstly, obviously, was the snow. Er - it's April? Where did that come from? It kind of annoys me slightly as I'm a big fan of snow but call me old fashioned I prefer it in the Winter. You know where you are then, don't you? April showers, February blizzards. August rain. Simple. It's almost like the weather is taunting me with - "I know you had a particularly dull winter but here's what I could have done."

Secondly I'm blaming a particularly nice bottle of wine at a particularly late dinner party and a particularly out of tune guitar. It doesn't take much these days for a grown up dinner party to descend into a sing song. It never fails to amaze me how many songs my four chords can conjour up. To be fair I suppose it got past the time when people were worried I was playing an A instead of an Am7 but that's what wine and friends are for. The food was terrific - a kind of Japanese meets Chinese with a raspberry pavlova to round things off.

Give me raw fish, pickled ginger and whipped cream anyday.

Finally I'm blaming the trauma that is being a Cherries fan. The result on Saturday reminded us what it's all about and just when you thought it's all over (both on and off the pitch) the lads come up with a result and a finish like that! Unfortunately some TV viewers it appears still think we lost 1-0 due to an incorrect caption but can I assure you it was 2-1.

And a bloomin' marvellous 2-1 it was too.

Anyway lots more to fill you in with - will catch up tomorrow.

So here's the joke ....

A man walks into a seafood restaurant and sees a sign saying "Lobster Tails £1 Each." The man goes up to the waitress and says, "Those must be very small tails if you're selling the so cheaply?"

"No" replies the waitress, "they're normal size."

"Then they must be pretty old?" says the man. "No" replies the waitress "they're fresh today."

"Then there must be something wrong with them!" says the man. "No," replies the waitress "they're just regular lobster tails."

"OK," says the man "I'll have one."

So the waitress takes the mans money and sits him down ....

"Once upon a time there was a big red lobster ...."
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